• Friendship

    I don't why, but friendship has been the source of more heartbreak in my life than anything else. These past two years I had to lose the people I have let the most into my life and it broke my heart. I have a difficult time meeting people that I can actually connect with, this added to the fact I seem to attract people who are more of the destructive personality type. I'm realizing almost all my relationships can categorized with the following plot: I feel a responsibility to fix the people I love and accept all their excuses when they let me down or treat me like shit, then begin to immensely dislike them ,but continue to remain in their lives, because I care until they end up hating me for all the qualities they professed to love about me in the beginning and that's when things get ugly. The exception to this rule is my best friend the lovely and amazing Clarissa, who I affectionately refer to as my wife. She's always there for me and truly listens when I speak, laughs at my jokes, and will support me in whatever endeavors I choose. She is one of the few people I respect and feel honored to call her my friend. Here's a photo of her.