• Antoinette George

    I have known Antoinette since I first started college and was a shy, naive girl. Anyone who knows me or reads this might have difficulty believing, but I was painfully socially awkward not too long ago. She was my first model and was actually there when I bought my first camera. Over the years we lost touch, but I am so happy we ran into each other and she was kind enough to model for me. Of the set I did with Antoinette this image has to be my favorite. Some photographers hate the studio, but I really love it. I love being able to transform a blank space into something. This was for the creative section of a lighting assignment in my photography class. When we did critique I was surprised to see most of my classmates did still life's of flowers, clothes, portraiture for their creative section. Blandly following the requirements without expanding on them. I have become such a cunt about my photos lately and the competitive nature of art school doesn't apply to me. I'm in competition with myself and don't give a shit what anyone else thinks. I am living my life the best I know how and my photos are reflections of that.