• Roxanna Revisted/ Sexual Politics

    This is my senior project for Cleveland State University in its entirety. This series was inspired by an incident of being sexually assaulted by someone I considered one of my closest friends. Instead of trying to forget what had happened to me I wanted to share with people exactly how that experience made me feel. I was asked repeatedly by some family and friends why I would choose to focus on this incident instead of moving on? The answer was this for me was moving on. I felt traumatized by what had happened and instead of trying to forget I wanted to understand. My experiences even the terrible ones are mine to use and exploit however I see fit. I wanted the people viewing these photos to look at these events and feel it with me. To be forced into situations you don't want to be, to be bloody and bruised by someone you trusted, to do things you don't feel comfortable with in the hopes that one day you will be loved are all places I have been and I am not ashamed of any of it. I have taken experiences that could have defined me and redefined them in my art. I am never a victim always a survivor.