• Ashley

    I took these images of my friend Ashley Cunningham a while back in May if my memory serves me right. I decided to do her makeup, dress her in my clothes and throw her in the lake when I found a roll of film from undergrad that mysteriously had been in my car for close to two years. I had no idea what the resulting images would look like and was extremely curious to see what the roll would produce if anything at all. I was thrilled when picking up my film first to see that it wasn't blank and the colors in the photos had an extra vibrancy and a peculiar red vignetting. This shoot made me fall madly back in love with film and with the concepts of happy accidents and not being in complete control that are inherent parts of the process with analog photography. At this point in my life in regard to photography my attitude is best summarized with something I texted a friend while drunk which is: digital you can suck it and by it I mean my dick.