• Get your dick on

    I think I made clear my love of Page, who is just an all around amazing human being. And also I think she might be my long lost mother. I love these photos and hope you do too.


    missk said...

    Honey, you KNOW I love these pics, and more importantly, ADORE you! I'd be honored to claim you as my own, however, after the shoot that day, and gettin my dick on, I think I may be your father! haha


    bt said...

    Page Kicks ass...and so do your photos of her.


    AlenaRosa said...

    Page:hahahaha love you too dad <3

    BT:Thank you so much, I really appreciate the feedback and we agree Page does kick ass.

    Ilse said...

    I love these. They're beautiful.

    AlenaRosa said...

    Thank you babycakes!