• I Love Fried Beans!

    Actually what I really said was "I love Farheen," but this is what Joe heard. I am posting, because I love some of the people at my job, which is a large part of the reason I'm still there. There was an incident with someone who possesses the looks and charm of a middle age date rapist regarding sexual harassment I mentioned earlier that made me feel sick and really want to quit. What happened was I was having a conversation with a couple of co-workers and noticed my male co-worker staring at my chest, he made a comment about my boob hanging out of my apron and then proceeded to adjust it for me, which obviously involved touching my breast. He kept making remarks about it the rest of the day and kept touching me for no reason. I felt increasingly uncomfortable around this person, to the point I would walk out of a room he was in out of fear of being alone with him. I causally told a manager about the incident, thinking he would find it amusing, but he made me report it and I felt even more terrible that I got someone fired. I'm so glad now I reported it and don't have to deal with that situation anymore. I urge anyone in a similar situation to do the same and the next time someone touches me inappropriately anywhere I'm knocking some teeth out <3