• Lakewood Park

    Next to Edgewater, Lakewood is my favorite park on the west side. Although I miss the rampant gay sex of Edgewater, to its credit Lakewood has a better view, is cleaner, and much more quiet. I go there to think and spend time with people who I absolutely adore like Farheen.


    Lorin Wilkerson said...

    i really love your photos, but the middle one here strikes me as especially poignant. the way it gets darker down towards the waterline makes the buildings look like a strange city rising up from the water; it sort of brings to mind avalon, the island that rose from the mists of the lake in british lore.

    i like to moonlight as a music critic and don't know anything about art/photography criticism, but one thing that is obvious (even to me) is your great love of your subjects, whether it's a person or a landscape or a random object. the thunderstorm photo too was very striking.

    i've never been to cleveland before, truthfully i don't know much about it other than the phenomenal and historic symphony orchestra you've got there in your city. you've got a great way of composing your shots such that the i get the feeling that i'm seeing what you see, not just looking at a picture of 'something.' they make me feel like i know a little bit about cleveland, like i've maybe walked around through the neighborhoods myself even though i've never been. anyway, just want to say thanks for the great photos.

    AlenaRosa said...

    I cannot thank you enough for your comment, it is simply the greatest praise I could ever hope to recieve. It makes me so happy to know that people understand my photos and through that I get to share the way I see the world with everyone who takes the time to look. So thank you for taking the time to look.