• Lava Lounge

    Tuesday, I went out with two of my classmates from my Urban Data Analysis course(pictured) to my favoritest place to hang out in Tremont or perhaps in the entire city, Lava Lounge. Not only do they have a wide selection of martinis that include banana split and root beer, but they make the most amazing sweet potato fries ever. I can partially credit the expansion of my waistline to sweet potato fries and the godiva liquer that they put in their drinks. We sat around for a few hours and discussed everything from p hats (stats joke) how to deal with a shitty kisser and why I initially think most hipster white dudes are gay. I went to drive my classmate home and he then invited me into his friend's house to "hang out." I reunited that night with a former lover we'll call "sweet lady green." The stress of the class and my brother's wedding made me want to feel outside of myself for a little while and indulge in some love with "sweet lady green." After partaking in the love that was being passed around I felt numb, which wasn't intentionally, but a welcomed relief from the stress and anger I had been feeling so much of lately. I felt so numb that night as a matter fact I think I might have pissed my pants on his friend's couch, which I promise was a first and last time experience.