• Hooples

    Hooples is by far my favorite place to have my eardrums blown out in Cleveland. I started going there a little over two years ago after hearing a friend go on and on about Glenn Schwartz, who was the original guitarist for the James Gang and personifies the term Mad Genius like no other. After opening his heart to Jesus in the late 60's, he has infused in his unique brand of blues with a very fucked apocalyptic version of Christianity. On a regular Thursday night he will proclaim all women should dress like pilgrims and warns about the rivers in America that will overflow with aborted fetuses from all the homosexual doctors in the middle of playing his guitar with his teeth. I went to see him every Thursday night without fail for a couple of months until the entire scene became really tiresome and disturbing filled with people who worshiped him and lingered on every crazy rambling he uttered and came to witness the spectacle more than appreciate his music. However, I still have great affection for this place and will pop in every once and awhile if the mood strikes.


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