• Rustbelt Heart

    I don't know what to make of things at this point. I'm going to school almost 4 days a week, and two of those days I'm on campus from 12:30-9:30pm or later depending on what I'm working on. The days I'm not at school I am at my internship 20 hours a week, working on new photos, trying to stay within a budget, and maintain a semblance of a social life. I never worked so hard and had nothing to show for it. I have been submitting to art contests in the hopes of exposing more people to my art with not much success yet. I'm not sure if the way I do things is too outsider for other people to appreciate, but have no choice other than to do what I do. Right now I have no time for people who are full of shit, are not as clever as they think they are, and/or spend most of their time complaining about a world they have never seen. A special note to a very dear friend, please throw your television out the window, turn off the computer, and remember to live before you die. Life is too short to try to imitate your heroes, be your own hero.