• The Building Fronts are just Fronts

    I went shooting with Karl a couple of weeks ago and took these, hence the last photo of the hip kid giving me the thumbs up. It was in the midst of some very minor snow, but some fucking intense cold. We were down in the The Flats, which in my humble opinion has to be one the most interesting parts of the city. An area I keep finding myself drawn to over and over again. By the grace of god I made the dean's list last semester and actually am considering applying for some fellowships to finance grad school, which I never thought I would be going to but given the economy is an increasingly attractive option. On the other hand, I feel like grad school is another avenue that postpones adulthood and am currently hating the shit out of my classes especially art. All that is for certain is this weekend I will be drinking and shooting like a motherfucker to make up for lost time.