• How to tell when you are really drowning

    I am sort of stunned I have gone this long without posting anything. The need to document my life with words and photos was a genuine impulse I felt for a long time. In retrospect the time I stopped blogging makes perfect sense. I didn't want to live my life so why would I want to share it. I was/am? miserable in the photo program at Cleveland State to the point I lost my passion for the only thing I ever loved and wasn't sure if it was ever going to come back. Picking up my camera became a literally painful thing to do. I wanted desperately to drop out and struggled with the decision to stay the program or leave for months. I decided to stay based not on logic or desire, but purely out of principle. I started something and I will see it out even if it fucking kills me. I am also happy to say I found my way back to my camera when I reconnected with the 20-year old girl with blue hair who shot for herself and had a complete disregard for the outside world. These photos are a few of my favorites of the past few months and summarize where I been.