• White Guys=Ugh

    Much like all the men I have ever cared about the more time I spend around you, the more I wish you would leave me alone. The biggest source of conflict between us is that I always imagined you being better than what you really are. Unfortunately for me this realization was not made until I made the mistake of letting you in my life and allowing your thoughts and words to carry significance.
    I treated you like my equal when in reality you were always revealing yourself as a child. I was so desperate to believe you were different from the other men who made their marks on me emotionally and physically, I chose not to see it. I dismissed your behavior and comments as products of insecurity and youth. I convinced myself that regardless of the things you said you did in fact really care about me and I was so diluted at the time in you I saw someone I believed really liked me. How foolish I was to share my past with you. I still regret telling you about my history of being victimized only to have you say things that reinforced everything I had shared with you. No more second chances, we cannot be friends and please fuck off :)


    A Cuban In London said...

    This is by far one of my favourite tracks of this stunning album. Fiona goes from strength to strength with each new release.

    Greetings from London.