• Fuck Joe The Plumber!

    I do not know how many of you have been closely following the Presidential Election in the US, but I am personally sick of all the ploys being used and speaking of ploys I think the selection of Sara Palin is probably one of the most blatantly bad choices in the entire election.
    To the cynically minded, such as myself, it seemed like nothing more than a political gimmick to attract the disenfranchised Hillary voters, who are still upset by the primary and have yet to get behind Obama.
    Palin, despite all her coaching and limited media time has proven herself time and time again not only woefully ignorant and unqualified, but also represents a disturbing tone republicans seem to love capitalizing on of anti-intellectualism. In essence it is the resentment and hostility of towards highly educated people, who are dismissed as elitists and not like "ordinary people." What is so disturbing about this trend is not only does it foster an us against them mentality, but historically has been used by totalitarian leaders and fundamentally religious groups to characterize those who ask questions and dissent from popular thought as "unpatriotic and terrorists." I am sickened watching as the McCain rallies have become so angry and fixated on spreading distortions and hatred while fueling the ignorance of their supporters. I don't know how anyone else feels, but I want the most intelligent, highly-educated people to serve our country, I want someone who is vastly more intelligent than most people and doesn't rely on ignorance to get elected.