• You are my Sister and I love you

    Me and my sister have one of the most complicated and dysfunctional relationships of any two people I know. Sometimes I'm pretty certain we're going to fucking kill each other and I go months without speaking to her even though we live in the same house. But, I know how much I love her and the bond we share that no one else will ever understand. I have learned from her mistakes and tragedies more than I have from my own and have two wonderful nephews in my life because of her. This is a photo I took of her before I even knew how to work a camera.


    missk said...

    gorgeous! you see the beauty in all women!

    AlenaRosa said...

    Thank you so much <3 I will hold you guys to the promise of a party, that is only if I can ever get a hold of the elusive Mr. Hernon.