• My Birthday

    Today is my birthday and I am all of 24 years old! To be honest although I'm excited about getting older, I'm not that happy with my life right now and to add to this I found out that my only real friend is planning on moving half way across the country. I've been struggling with my depression, not eating or sleeping well, working a lot of hours at a job I hate and getting behind in my classes. The only thing I want to do is drive off a fucking cliff or stick my head in an oven. Another source of annoyance is that I can't even come up with a fun, creative way to kill myself....Fuck! Suggestions are welcomed via comment or email. Also thank you to all the kind souls who gave me gifts or sent me well wishes or even spoke a kind word to me these past few days, it is much appreciated and I love you all. I want to share these photos with you, because they are a love letter to my life xoxoxo


    Kurt Hernon said...

    we love you and we still owe you a party!