• Little Blue Dress

    We are watching WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE: A REQUIEM IN FOUR ACTS in my physical geography class, which is a mind blowing documentary about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that reduces me to tears every time I see it. I literally go to my car and sob after every portion of it. Hearing children retell stories about having to watch their parents die or just seeing people in the richest country in the world in dire need of basic necessities like water and food while the federal and state government did nothing is nothing short of astonishing. I can't imagine the feeling of surviving a catastrophic natural disaster that took everything from you, but your life only to be ignored by your own country. If anything positive is to be associated with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina it's that it revealed how much of a problem classism and racism still are in American Society. Now I'm off my soapbox I had a great week. I got to see Beth aka Ms India for the first time since she got back, which was long overdue and we started brainstorming on things to do for my birthday, which may or may not include a visit to a strip club.Went to Lelolai with one of my favorite girls ever, Jackie, and ate the best Cuban style veggie sandwich in the world. Got to chat with the amazing Isobel a lot this week, particularly late at night while indulging in my secret smoking habit. And edited some pictures I took of Cristina a few weeks ago, which also was a lot of fun. We went to Value World and bought the most fantastic dress for like 5 dollars and took pictures on the train tracks. I love my life!